PurpleAfricanPrincess' rollercoaster ride

About The Princess

I’m a 31 year old girl/woman, living in the good old Highlands of Scotland. I work for an accommodation providing charity, and share a house with another girl/woman.

My dad and step-mum live locally and my brother is abroad- in Africa ;-) Don’t tell him but I miss him so much I have taken to eating sausage rolls because of it. (I shall not stoop to pork pies). My mum died 6 years ago and though we had a difficult relationship, it saddens me that she is missing this part of my life. I think we would have gotten on SO much better in our old age!

I have a strong command of the language of sarcasm, can be sensitive, and try to be as open minded as possible. I can be a prickly and difficult creature, but under the right conditions very pliable ;-). I have a strong sense of duty that often leads me to no be able to say no to my family. Usually at my expense.

I like to hang out with friends and don’t go out often but when i do i like to party like it’s 1999. I don’t do camping, hiking, or any of that kind of stuff, but i don’t have anything against those who do- as long as THEY don’t hold it against ME!  Some people just are too much about stuff like this.

I do like to witness mother nature’s work once in a while though.

I love red wine, like to eat out and try to be a little bit cultural once in a while- i.e. go to the theatre to watch a modern ballet or see the Chippendales- whatever takes my fancy.
I like jazz, and the tunes coming out now by peeps like Caro Emerald, Ellie Goulding, Adele, Aloe Blacc, Cee Lo Green, Dionne Brumfield- Brit stuff. My favourite song just now is Adele’s ‘set fire to the Rain’.

I am a Christian and struggle with loads of the finer points of it but don’t we all? I find it hard to pray as a habit or read my bible but i know it will come. I go to a Church of Scotland church which often gets me weird looks but that is where i’m at just now. Not sure about the future but i know i will need to move somewhere where i can get more involved, as it’s important for my growth.

Favourite food is sushi though living in this backwater i have no access. favourite pudding-Tarte au citron and creme fraiche. yummy.

I have 6 fish babies- Cheech and Chong who came to us at Easter, Keenan and Kel were adopted from a friend, Timone (my oldest)- who lost his brothers in horrible accidents/disappearances and Cyclops who is blind in one eye.

I have suffered from and still struggle with depresion and anxiety and undiagnosed eating/weight issues, but with God’s help I shall get better!